An extremely old rock drawing was discovered by Australian researchers in the western part of the island nation. The work depicts a kangaroo.

Australian scientists have discovered the country’s oldest known 17,300-year-old cave drawing. The work depicts a kangaroo. An otherwise two-meter work of art found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia with a red ocher paint on the ceiling of a rock cave.

A Nature Human Behaviour In a study published in the journal, the researchers write that the researchers determined the age of the work by carbon isotope examination of wasp nests. Damien Finch, a pioneer in carbon isotope dating of wasp nests, said it is rare to find a nest on or under a work.

In the case of the kangaroo drawing, they were lucky, so they managed to determine the earliest and latest possible date for making the work.

“We determined the age of the three wasp nests under the painting and the three wasp nests on the painting by carbon isotope examination, from which we can say with great certainty that the work was made no earlier than 17,500, no later than 17,100 years ago, most likely 17,300 years,” he explained.

The kangaroo depiction is estimated to be Australia’s oldest known full cave painting. Sven Ouzman, a researcher at the University of Western Australia and co-author of the study, said there may be a link between kangaroo drawing and ancient works of art found in other regions. “This iconic kangaroo image is visually similar to the more than 40,000-year-old drawings found on the islands of Southeast Asia, suggesting cultural connections, but it could also mean that even older cave paintings may be hiding in Australia,” Ouzman said.

A 73,000-year-old hashtag-like scribble found in South Africa is considered by researchers to be the oldest known drawing.

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