The singer wants to leave the United States there forever.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Stevie Wonder revealed that he would live in Ghana. His decision seems final and is justified by the political upheaval in the United States. He told the presenter he didn’t want “the children of his children’s children” to beg too to be respected and appreciated.

This is not the first time Stevie Wonder has considered emigrating to Ghana, he already mentioned in 1994 that community awareness in the West African country is much stronger than in the United States.

Wonder, a multiple Grammy winner, spoke last year about how dangerous he sees everything that’s happening in the United States, worried that Americans are no longer respected in the world as they used to be, and he says all Americans need to think about the past. necessary changes.

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Stevie Wonder asks for cooperation


Stevie Wonder released two new issues on Tuesday that encourage love and togetherness in a time of crisis when, in addition to the problems stemming from systemic racism, the epidemic also needs to be tackled.

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Today, the 70-year-old singer-composer has been signed by Motown at the age of 12, and has been practically casting the hits ever since. He also collected a record number of Grammys and an Oscar. He recommended the latter to Nelson Mandela.