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[Current affairs]The CCP calls Biden and Wang Yi for three consecutive times to make netizens laugh | Yu Maochun | Epoch Times

[Epoch Times February 23, 2021]Hello, everyone, welcome to “Current Affairs”, I am Fuyao. Today is Monday, February 22, 2021.

Today, Biden ordered the national flag to be lowered at half-mast to mourn the 500,000 Americans who died in the epidemic of the Chinese Communist Party virus (Wuhan virus, COVID-19). In the past month, the death toll in the United States has approached 100,000. The University of Washington predicts that by June, the number of deaths from the CCP virus in the United States will exceed 589,000.

The U.S. Supreme Court today rejected former President Trump’s request for a subpoena request to further postpone the tax form record, which means that the New York grand jury will obtain Trump’s tax form information. Currently, the Manhattan District Attorney is conducting a criminal investigation of Trump. On the same day, Trump issued a statement saying that this was something that had never happened to the president before and was a political persecution of him.

Recently, more than fifty religious leaders in Ireland signed a statement condemning the CCP’s persecution of Uighurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang, and expressed solidarity with other Buddhists, who are suffering from the CCP’s “most cruel suppression of freedom of religion and belief since the Cultural Revolution.” Falun Gong practitioners and Christians.

Check Point, an Israeli multinational cyber security company, released a report on Monday, alleging that Chinese spies have stolen software codes first developed by the US National Security Agency to conduct hacking operations. This code is very similar to some functions of the CCP-related malware “Arrow”. And “Arrow” is also a copy of plagiarism.

Recently, the United States has held four-party talks with Japan, India, and Australia to resolutely unite against communism. Experts believe that Britain and Japan should also join forces.

Next, we will talk to you on the topic: What kind of political signals are hidden by the Chinese Communist Party three times a day to Biden? Yu Maochun talked about the CCP’s shifting responsibility for the U.S.-China stalemate to the United States. It is “the thieves calling for the thieves.” Wang Yi actually said that Xinjiang and Tibet are “models of China’s human rights progress” and was criticized for “opening eyes and talking nonsense.” Hong Kong’s election system; and the CCP’s foreign propaganda was encircled, but wanted to regain its position in Europe.

What do you call Biden Xi Jinping three times a day?

Within 24 hours from Sunday to Monday local time, the Chinese diplomatic system called Biden three times in a row. What kind of “important” information is going to be conveyed in this state of being unable to wait?

Let’s take a look at the first call from Yang Jiechi, the highest-ranked diplomat of the Chinese Communist Party. On Sunday (21st), Yang Jiechi published an article in the Chinese Communist Party media “People’s Daily”, secretly criticizing the United States, saying, “In recent years, certain countries have attempted to override unilateralism and bullying over…the basic norms of international relations. “Above”, “Doing a big job in the country first.”

However, the article mainly claims that China firmly supports multilateralism and wants to promote the development of multilateralism in the “right” direction. Just talk about cooperation.

Less than 24 hours after Yang Jiechi finished speaking, today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Chinese Communist Party held a “Blue Hall Forum” to discuss US-China relations.

Cui Tiankai, the Chinese Communist Party’s ambassador to the United States, made the second call on this forum. Cui Tiankai mentioned that if the United States and China have issues, they can be brought to the table for discussion, but “on issues involving China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, etc., China has no room for concessions and must stick to the red line.”

In the same forum, Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s third call was even more vigorous, directly listing the four major premises for the US-China relationship to return to the so-called “right track.”

These premises are: first, the United States should stop interfering in the issues of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet; second, abandon additional tariffs on Chinese products; third, abandon various sanctions imposed on Chinese companies; fourth, abandon China Various restrictions imposed by so-called scientific research and educational institutions.

To paraphrase the CCP’s “little pink”, Wang Yi is simply “domineering” because he “warns” the United States: you can’t control anything we violate human rights in China; even if we hit the United States, you can’t fight back. , This is the premise of our “normal communication.”

The Voice of America quoted Robert Daly, director of the Kissinger Institute for China and the United States at the Wilson Center, as saying that the CCP officials were “cluttering” and did not allow the US-China dialogue to take a step forward.

So, does the old fox of the CCP do useless work? Does its “clutter” contain political signals? What are you talking about again?

Tang Jingyuan, a senior current affairs commentator, believes that this is an intimidation and extortion by the CCP against the Biden administration.

He said that Wang Yi’s request for the United States to abandon tariffs is actually asking the United States to abolish the agreement between the United States and China, and that the proposal to abolish restrictions on technology and other aspects is an interference in the internal affairs of the United States. This series of requirements is to force the United States to open the country’s door and allow the CCP to steal intelligence and conduct various interference and sabotage.

Tang Jingyuan also said that the reason why the CCP came out again was because the Biden administration showed a series of concessions after the previous rounds of propaganda, especially in areas such as finance and technology. This gave the CCP a taste of the sweetness, and it was tantamount to indirectly encouraging it to continue to adopt a tough stance.

The Biden administration has shown that the CCP is not tough enough, which really worries the outside world.

In an interview with Newsmax on Saturday (20th), former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo also called on Biden to stand up and oppose “Xi Jinping’s hegemonic desire” because “the American people will ask the CCP to stop bullying the United States.”

Yu Maochun: CCP thief shouts to catch thief

Regarding the “red lines” drawn by the CCP in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, etc., Yu Maochun, the former chief China policy and planning consultant of the US State Department, said in an exclusive interview with the English Epoch Times program “American Thought Leaders”, “This is actually It’s bullying, and the world must be awakened. In fact, we cannot recognize the red line of the CCP.”

He explained, “This red line is not based on international law, nor is it based on international conventions. In fact, China has signed in these areas, but it has never been implemented.”

The Trump administration has consistently stepped on the CCP’s red line. Yu Maochun believes, “This is not interfering in China’s internal affairs, nor is it interfering in China’s national sovereignty, because it is impossible to kill others and commit genocide in the name of sovereignty. Since 1940, the international community The society has formulated such rules.”

As for the four major premises set forth by Wang Yi, Yu Maochun told Radio Free Asia, “Wang Yi has no bottom line and no logic in saying this. The problems facing China (the Chinese Communist Party) are not just those that the United States and China (the Chinese Communist Party) cannot get through. The problem is that China (the CCP) can’t live with the world, so China (the CCP) has few friends in the world now.”

He pointed out that the CCP’s diplomacy with Europe and neighboring countries has gone wrong, “basically there is no true friend.” Therefore, the CCP is pushing everything to the United States as “the thief shouts and catches the thief.” There is no reason at all.

Is Tibet in Xinjiang a “Model of Progress in Human Rights in China”?Wang Yilei turned netizens

In fact, there was another sentence in Wang Yi’s speech that shocked the outside world. Everyone is mentally prepared, pinch your nose and listen.

Wang Yi claimed: The CCP adheres to the concept of “people-centered” and regards “the right to subsistence” and “the right to development” as the primary basic human rights. Xinjiang and Tibet, where ethnic minorities live in concentrated communities, are even “a model of human rights progress in China.” . Western countries have “seriously misunderstood the CCP” on this issue.

As soon as this remark came out, the Taiwanese media “Newtalk” commented that Wang Yi was putting “big words”; the Hong Kong “Apple Daily” said that Wang Yi “open your eyes and talk nonsense!”

Some netizens commented that this is “the funniest joke in the world.” “Stealing, robbing, cheating, the CCP (so) is not surprised!

Others said, “According to Wang Yi, killing and arson is doing public welfare activities, phone fraud is financial services, and rape is to comfort and care for women.”

Others quoted former Soviet leader Gorbachev as saying that this kind of political propaganda “is shamelessly speaking bad things about others, shamelessly saying good things about yourself, telling nonsense with your eyes open, and prohibiting others from telling the truth.”

In fact, if the CCP hadn’t done anything wrong, it would have been able to let foreign independent investigation teams freely enter Xinjiang and Tibet to investigate without being monitored, and it would be innocent. Why bother to cover up until now, only dare to speak quickly?

Anyway, according to the Chinese Communist Party, the international community has not bought it.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo has already determined that the CCP has committed “genocide and crimes against humanity” against Xinjiang Uyghur Muslims. The new Secretary of State Blincol agrees.

According to a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the Conservative Party of Canada has also proposed a motion in Parliament, calling on the government to formally set the tone for the CCP to commit genocide in Xinjiang. Congress will vote on this motion as soon as possible today.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (Erin O’Toole) said that this motion and the results of the subsequent voting must send a clear and true signal, that is, “We will stand up for human rights and dignity,” even if it will cost Canada. Some economic costs.

At the same time, Reuters reported that the United Kingdom today called on the United Nations to obtain “urgent and unrestricted” access to Xinjiang in order to investigate CCP abuses in this area.

The office of British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that Raab would refer to reports of human rights violations in Xinjiang, including torture, forced labor, and forced sterilization of women. He believes, “These are all carried out on a large scale.”

Let “patriots rule Hong Kong”?CCP intervenes in Hong Kong elections

In addition to Xinjiang, the CCP’s persecution of Hong Kong is also deepening.

Today, Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, stated at a seminar organized by the “National Hong Kong and Macao Research Association” that “patriots governing Hong Kong” is the essence of Hong Kong’s implementation of “one country, two systems.”

The outside world believes that this implies that major changes will come out and that the CCP will intervene in Hong Kong’s electoral system.

Xia Baolong set three standards for the so-called “patriots”. They are: Patriots must sincerely safeguard national sovereignty, respect and safeguard the country’s fundamental system and the constitution of the Special Administrative Region, and spare no effort to maintain the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

He also said that in order to improve the relevant system of “patriots ruling Hong Kong”, the executor must adhere to the five principles of “respect for the leadership of the central government” and “implement the administrative leadership system.”

Cai Ziqiang, a senior lecturer in the Department of Politics and Administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, told the “Voice of Germany” that the main message that Xia Baolong revealed is that the CCP will lead the reform of Hong Kong’s electoral system, and the reform is likely to be implemented by the CCP.

He said, “The Chinese government will reform the electoral system to exclude any politicians who they regard as “unpatriotic”. They will not be able to participate in elections or hold official positions within the Hong Kong government.”

The Chairman of the Civic Party, Leung Jiajie, told Radio Hong Kong that the standards of “patriotism” are very subjective. He fears that the revised electoral system will be entirely determined by Beijing, and that Beijing only wants to establish a controllable and in fact appointed electoral system.

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, British Foreign Minister Raab had previously proposed to visit Beijing to have a dialogue with Wang Yi to seek a solution to the Hong Kong issue, but China has not accepted the proposal so far.

YouTube removes nearly three thousand Chinese accounts

Just like Yu Maochun said, the CCP is not pleased from near or far, no one is its true friend. How does it stand in the international community? Another big loss is to spread rumors and decorate their own facades through publicity. But now, the road is getting narrower and narrower.

A few days ago, Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) released a report for the first quarter of 2021, showing that its video-sharing platform YouTube removed about 3,000 channels last month, of which as many as 2,946 and China related.

The report stated that these channels are involved in the organized uploading of spam content, as well as Chinese or English content related to recent political differences in the United States and the Chinese Communist virus pneumonia, thereby affecting the political situation and public opinion.

This report also echoes the findings of the Associated Press and US think tank “Atlantic Council” (Atlantic Council) announced last week. The results show that the CCP has replaced Russia as the largest source of false news, including fabricating and disseminating fake news such as the US-made CCP virus and biological weapons.

CGTN fights for European broadcasting rights

At the same time, the CCP’s publicity China Global Television Network (CGTN) targeted France.

In early February, the UK revoked CGTN’s broadcasting license. Since London is the headquarters of CGTN in Europe, this has thrown the expensive and ongoing European business of the “big foreign propaganda” into chaos.

A few days ago, the British “Financial Times” reported that CGTN wants to regain the rights to broadcast in Europe and has contacted France. The French media watchdog “Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel” (Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel) also confirmed the news, but declined to say when it can make a determination.

The French regulator stated that after the UK’s ruling, it is necessary for them to conduct “additional analysis” on CGTN. But unlike the United Kingdom, France has no regulations prohibiting state-controlled radio and television companies from broadcasting in the country.

At the same time, the German media regulator “Medienanstalten” told the Financial Times that they have not found CGTN contact with countries other than France, and they are also waiting for the French regulator to make a decision.

According to a treaty between European Commission members, international broadcasters can broadcast programs to other EU member states as long as they fall within the jurisdiction of one member state.

So the decision of France has become very important, and we will continue to pay attention to it.

Okay, let’s stop here today. If you like our program, please like and subscribe to spread it. Thanks for watching. See you tomorrow. See you or leave.

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