Iranian officials ignore the US warning and go out on the ramp with a shivering weapon. It is nuclear ammunition, based on enriched uranium. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the spiritual leader in Tehran, announced on Monday that Iran can enrich uranium. Up to 60%, if the country needs it.

Iran does not take into account US threats, but no weapons are being produced yet

The Iranians will not limit themselves to 20%, as the US demands, and do not want to give in to pressure. “The level of uranium enrichment in Iran will not be limited to 20%. We will increase the level according to the needs of the country. It can increase to 60% ”. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said. The official also said that Iran has never tried to equip itself with a nuclear weapon. And he said that if he wanted something like that, no one could stop the armament.

The spiritual leader’s statements come in the context in which Joe Biden stated that Washington will return to the nuclear agreement. From which his predecessor, Donald Trump, withdrew the USA in 2018. If Tehran will first resume the full fulfillment of its obligations within it.

It takes a 90% uranium enrichment threshold to produce an atomic bomb

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced on February 10 that Iran has begun producing metallic uranium for use as fuel for one of its reactors. It was a further breach of commitments made in the 2015 agreement. The announcement came just over a month after Tehran resumed uranium enrichment at 20%, according to Agerpres.

To produce an atomic bomb a 90% enrichment threshold needs to be reached. But what the Iranians have done is the most serious violation of the agreement. After the withdrawal of the United States.