The number of reports received by the NMHH Internet Helpdesk doubled last year, with child pornography and violence against children becoming more visible.

The number of reports received by the Internet Information and Assistance Service of the National Media and Communications Authority more than doubled in one year. In 2019, only 824, and in 2020, 1765 notifications were submitted to the Internet Hotline. One of the main reasons for the big increase is that last year people spent much more time in front of the internet due to epidemiological restrictions than before.

The most spectacular change during the epidemic is that more and more footage of violence against children is being shared.

Potential perpetrators have been pushed into the online space, increasing the risk of children being exploited online. Children in trouble, on the other hand, have less chance of asking for help, as personal contact with their friends and teachers has decreased.

The proportion of reports of child pornography content rose from 33 percent in 2019 to 40 percent. Meanwhile, the proportion of phishing and content published without consent has decreased, but their numbers have still increased: the former has increased from 142 in 2019 to 267, and the latter from 148 to 243.

Phishing reports continue to include fake invoice alerts sent on behalf of large service providers. Intimate images published by stakeholders’ former partners are common among content published without consent.

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