Facebook will re-authorize news sharing in Australia within days, and the government will supplement the law governing the media market.

Six days after Facebook decided not to allow news to be published and shared in Australia, the Australian government announced that the news could reappear on Facebook soon, the BBC wrote.

The Australian government has so far said that Facebook is back in the country in the days of the old order. It has not been revealed whether this is due to the resignation of the tech company or the government, so much has been announced that the law that caused Facebook and the government to jump on top of each other is being supplemented, but precisely because, it has not yet been added.

As early as December, the Australian Parliament initiated the introduction of a code governing the media market, which would force Google and Facebook in particular to pay for news content received from Australian media outlets. In response, Facebook decided it was not possible to share news in the country. Facebook vice-president Campbell Brown said the Australian government reassured them that they could still decide which media news to appear on their own platform, meaning there was no need to negotiate compensation with each news provider separately.

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Despite the blockade of Facebook, the Australian parliament is sticking to its news service bill, which will most likely be voted on Monday. The health ministry, meanwhile, said it would no longer advertise on Facebook.

Block reading and sharing of news on Facebook Australia


The social site made the decision because of the Media Market Regulation Act, according to their statement, “with a heavy heart.”