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Self-destruction of the Fortress of Democracy: Insights from the Navarro Report | President Trump | Election Fraud

[Epoch Times, February 23, 2021]The United States is regarded by the world as the bastion of democracy. However, last year’s election process destroyed the foundation of American democracy-fair, honest, and transparent elections. As Dr. Navarro said, this not only led to the failure of President Trump’s personal election, but also the failure of the 74 million American voters who voted for President Trump. It was also the failure of the American democratic system and a serious impact on the democratic systems of the world. . All countries in the world are watching this result, and history will truthfully record the ins and outs of this event. However, what are the consequences of the fraudulent activities in the US election this time? The readers who participated in this election, or the Chinese who followed the US election through the Pacific, are you all clear about it? This article introduces the content of the Navarro report to provide readers with a relatively complete picture of election fraud.

1. Navarro’s three election fraud reports

It is not an easy task for most readers to pay close attention to the fraud in the US election last year. If you only look at the mouthpieces of the Democratic Party, fraud does not exist because they refuse to report; if you look at a few media that support Trump, or watch discussions on fraud cases on social media, fragmented news will continue. It is too difficult to spell out a full picture of fraud based on these scattered news.

From December 17, 2020 to January 13, 2020, President Trump’s White House trade adviser, Peter Navarro, issued three official reports. The first report is entitled “The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities”, revealing the abnormal performance of the six swing states in the 2020 presidential election in the United States, with an estimated 379,000 An illegal ballot was counted; the second report was titled “The Art of the Steal”, which introduced various methods of election fraud; the third report was titled “Yes, President Trump won: Cases, evidence and statistical results (Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence, & Statistical Receipts)”. All three reports can be downloaded on a dedicated website (https://navarroreport.com/).

The Navarro report filled the gap in the overall picture of fraud in this election, allowing readers to have a general understanding. This report assumes that readers are familiar with election procedures and fraud techniques, so many places will only stop here; I try to clarify some situations that may confuse readers with popular descriptions, hoping to help readers understand the general situation of fraud.

These three reports have detailed information and a large number of endnotes to explain the source of their information and data. Although these three reports are a series, they generally follow the outline of fraud, fraud techniques, and fraud results to arrange their content, but the three reports did not describe all aspects of election fraud in a unified outline step by step; they seem to be caused by Different people wrote the pens and published them according to the time they were completed. The contents of each report are somewhat overlapping, and their conclusions are very brief and relatively independent. After the report was published, the Democratic Party’s mouthpiece publications and TV stations basically adopted collective silent killings to prevent the spread of its social effects. However, “Epoch Times” gave a summary of these three reports. As of February 22, 2021, the author has not found any organization or individual expressing strong dissatisfaction due to the distortion of the report.

2. How is autocracy developed in the fortress of democracy?

The Navarro report is very long, and it is impossible to introduce it in this article. Only its third report is used to describe the full picture of the fraud in the election. This third report analyzes a core issue that everyone is concerned about. Has the 2020 presidential election really been stolen by a political force?

The author of this report adopted a conservative calculation method for possible illegal votes, using graphs and data to illustrate the number of potentially illegal votes classified in six swing states. The source of each data can be checked through endnotes.

The Navarro report pointed out that the large number of potentially illegal votes dwarfed the so-called narrow gap in Biden’s “election victory.” The author believes that in the face of these evidence, no reasonable person will conclude that the 2020 presidential election is a fair election; anyone who reads this report should feel that they have to seek clearer answers . Although the leftist and mainstream media require all Americans to obey and recognize the so-called “results” of this election for the sake of “unity” and “harmony,” they also accept the argument instilled by the “political correctists”-“This is a freedom and justice. Elections”.

According to the report, almost half of people in the United States now believe that there are major violations in the 2020 presidential election; if these violations are not fully investigated, it will only increase the number of Americans who have such suspicions. The authoritarian or fascist behavior of a small group of social media oligarchs in the United States has contributed to the suppression of the truth-seeking. These oligarchs have arbitrarily censored tens of millions of Americans who support Trump. The 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump have the right to demand a full investigation and seek the truth. If Democrats, Republican traitors, anti-Trump “mainstream” media, and social media oligarchs continue to suppress the exploration of the truth about the 2020 election, history will judge all these people, companies, and institutions in the harshest way. We have seen that in a very short moment, the United States has moved from a complete and vibrant democratic system to a communist police state, guarded by a collusive and out-of-control social media oligopoly.

Third, the top three suspicious votes

There are 6 states in the United States where bipartisan candidates for president have always competed fiercely, so these states are called swing states. Whoever wins these swing states in this general election will be elected. However, it is precisely in these six swing states that a large number of suspicious votes have appeared, and it is not only the Democrats and their supporters who participate in the manipulation of these suspicious votes, but also Republican officials. Among them, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin have the most suspicious votes. The following is the situation introduced in the Navarro report.

Pennsylvania has nearly 1 million potentially illegal votes, about 12 times the 81,660 votes that Biden “won”. The most concentrated category of potentially illegal votes (680,000) is related to monitoring voting observers. If there is no real supervision of the counting process, it will be impossible to verify the legitimacy of mailed ballots. However, the state kept Republican voting observers away from a football field and prevented them from entering the ballot processing room; although they tried to perform their legal duties to observe the counting process, they were besieged by the election authorities in the restricted area. in. After comparing 58,221 mailed ballots that had been counted, it was found that the election department received the ballots on the same day as the postmarked date on the envelope, even before the post office stamped them, they were counted as legal ballots. The author hereby briefly explain that even if the postmark date is true, the post office will transfer the mailed ballot to the sorting center of the post office for processing. Under normal circumstances, the post office cannot send the mail received that day immediately. The envelopes of another 9,005 ballots were not postmarked at all, which clearly violated state election laws.

Georgia has a total of 601,130 possible illegal votes, which is more than 50 times the 11,779 votes that Biden “won”. The largest category is illegal mail voting (310,000 votes). The state’s law requires voters to apply for a postal vote within 180 days before the election day; however, 305,700 of the votes counted by state officials during the election period are illegal because these voters are 180 days before the deadline for applying for postal ballots Applying for mail-in ballots flagrantly violated the state’s election law.

Wisconsin has more than 500,000 possible illegal votes, more than 25 times the 20,682 votes that Biden won. The largest category of potentially illegal voting is related to “dishonest voters,” because the election department allows “dishonest voters” to use excuses to circumvent the electoral law that requires photo identification of voters when voting. According to the laws of the state, if voters judge that they are in a “restricted state” indefinitely due to factors such as age, physical illness, or infirmity, they can receive votes by mail, thus bypassing the state’s voter ID law . However, during the 2020 general election, the state’s electoral affairs department expanded the definition of “indefinitely restricted” voters, which caused the number of “indefinitely restricted” voters to surge from less than 70,000 voters in 2019 to more than 20 in 2020. Million people. Afterwards, the state Supreme Court ruled that the state’s electoral department’s approach was legally wrong. But 216,000 questionable votes are still counted in the election results by the state. In addition, during the general election in the state, there was a “Democracy in the Park” campaign organized by the Democratic Party. Its organizers set up 200 illegal polling stations on their own, and collected 17,271 votes there, directly violating the laws of the state. Of the ballots were accepted as legal ballots by the electoral department.

With so many possible illegal votes, as long as one-tenth of them is checked and eliminated, Trump will win the election. However, the election departments of these states would rather calculate the possible illegal votes, but are not willing to correct them in accordance with the law.

Four, the votes of the other three states are full of doubts

There are 254,722 possible illegal votes in Arizona, 24 times the 10,457 votes that Biden “won”. The largest category is the 150,000 mailed ballots cast by voters who “registered” after the election registration deadline; another 22,903 mailed ballots were received by the election department on or before the postmark date. This is extremely unlikely. The state has 11,676 more votes than registered voters, and these illegally registered voters are more than the 10,457 “victories” claimed by Biden.

There are 446,803 possible illegal votes in Michigan, three times the 154,818 votes that Biden “won”. The most problematic ballots came from the inexplicable surge in ballot counts, as well as voting machine violations and ballots without voter registration numbers being counted as qualified votes. In the early morning of November 4, there were two major “Biden vote surges” in the state: 54,497 votes were cast for Biden at 3:50 am, and only 4,718 votes were cast for President Trump; the vote count updated at 6:31 Statistics show that Biden’s votes increased by 141,258 votes, while President Trump received only 5,968 votes. The state law stipulates that if the ballot does not correspond to the registration number of the electorate, such a mailed ballot is illegal. But election officials allowed 174,000 such votes to be counted as legal votes.

Nevada has 220,008 potentially illegal votes, six times the 33,596 votes that Biden “won”. The state’s biggest violation is the use of machines rather than humans to verify voter’s signatures, a flagrant violation of state law; Clark County in the state uses Agilis signature matching machines to verify the signatures on ballots. These machines verified 130,000. The ballot was questioned. This kind of machine did not operate “as recommended by the manufacturer” on election day. It compared the quality of the file image of the signature on the outside of the mailed ballot paper and was lower than the standard of the machine’s “manufacturer’s proposal”. Make the operation of the machine unreliable.

Fifth, six states vote with false instead of true

If the voter registration database retains a large amount of false information, it will greatly facilitate the forgery of votes. This phenomenon is very prominent in these six swing states.

The state of Michigan recorded the votes of more than 35,000 voters without a registered address, of which at least 480 were from “voters” who had been confirmed dead; and more than 13,200 votes from voters registered in other states were voted by the Michigan State Election Service The department considered the state’s legitimate ballots and flagrantly violated the state’s election law; more than 27,800 ballots were included in the election results in their names without the knowledge or consent of voters.

The author pointed out in an article in The Epoch Times on November 8 last year that the number of legal voters in Michigan in 2019 was 7.48 million, while the number of registered voters was 8.12 million, an increase of 640,000, which may cause a large number of false votes. On February 18, 2020, the district court of the state issued a notice stating that 177,000 voters had been removed from the voter list in late January. If the 177,000 illegal fake voter information can be deleted from the voter registration database before the election, Trump could win the majority of votes in the state. The state’s election authorities deliberately retained this information for fraudulent purposes before the election, and deleted the false voter information after the election to destroy evidence. However, the state’s courts and prosecutors only required the voter registration database to be corrected after the election, but did not remove the false voter information. The voter’s “ballot”.

Georgia counts 10,000 “votes” of the deceased “voters” as eligible votes; another 15,700 votes were cast by “ghost” voters who have moved away from the address where they applied for mailing ballots. The old address applied for a mailed ballot and submitted the ballot to the election department; more than 1,000 voters cast their votes but did not have an address. Such “voters” actually received the mailed ballots and voted; more than 40,000 voters were illegal The county where you live voted; 66,247 voters who were under the legal voting age successfully cast their votes.

In Nevada, 42,284 people registered as voters at two addresses at the same time; 19,218 out-of-state voters voted in the state; 1,506 ballots were “voted” by deceased “voters”; more than 8,000 ballots were made by people without addresses People “voted”; even 4,000 non-US citizens also voted.

There are 19,997 people in Arizona who do not live in the town where he voted and are not legally classified as local voters. Their ballots should have been declared invalid; 2,000 voters have no addresses at all (the author’s note, may be fictitious “voters”); 5,790 voters Have moved to an out-of-state or registered as a voter in another state (the votes they cast in Arizona are double voting and shall be considered invalid); 75,726 voters have voted in out-of-state (they are no longer eligible to vote in Arizona); 36,473 People are allowed to vote without providing proof of citizenship.

In Pennsylvania, private investigators found that more than 8,000 voters who may have died “voted” and 1,500 votes cast by people over 100 were suspicious; more than 40,000 people live in counties where they do not legally live. Voting; 66,247 voters who were under the legal voting age successfully cast their votes. Representative Frank Ryan of the state and several other members found that the state counted more than 202,000 more votes than registered voters; there were more than 14,300 mailed ballots cast from registered voters’ illegal residence addresses; more than 7,400 other states Registered voters in Pennsylvania were counted as legitimate votes; 742 voters cast their votes twice, and hundreds of forged votes were also found.

In Wisconsin, 6,848 voters registered in other states voted; 234 people voted twice in the state; the election department counted up to 170,000 absentee ballots, which are not required by law to apply for absentee ballots .

If states remove illegal voter votes and possible false votes in accordance with the law, Biden will lose the election in all six states.

6. Conclusion of the Navarro report

The final conclusion of Navarro’s third report is that the cases, evidence, and statistics presented in the report provide a strong reason that the 2020 election is likely not only to be stolen from President Trump, but also Also stole from 74 million Americans who sincerely voted for President Trump. Given this evidence, no one can say that it was a mistake that President Trump resolutely raised election fraud and irregularities in the weeks following the November 3 election and called on his supporters to protest peacefully. In fact, if President Trump does not stand up to defend the integrity of the ballot box, it will be a betrayal of 74 million Americans. Given this evidence, it is irresponsible and absurd that the Democratic Party and its leadership, or mainstream media reporters, or betrayed Republicans claim that there is no evidence of election violations.

Given this evidence, it must also be said: American citizens who now question the possibility of illegal voting in the 2020 election should not be influenced by CNN, social media platforms or print media. There is the kind of abominable behavior we are observing now-this kind of social and political behavior is not American democracy, but more like communist authoritarianism. From public humiliation to de-platformization, and public appeals to punish all those who have supported President Trump or worked in his government, these actions are not the American way; on the contrary, this is Orwellian and Kafka-style authoritarianism. Totalitarianism is the death knell of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and our democratic system.

The only thing that must be done now is to conduct a full investigation of this. If we do not conduct a comprehensive investigation, we, as a country, may institutionalize the manipulation of elections, and most people in the United States will no longer believe in this system. This is related to the future of our electoral system, and the public’s perception of this system is ultimately related to the future of our Free Democratic Republic.

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