Former U.S. President Donald Trump told North Korea’s chief leader Kim Jong-un after the second U.S.-North Korea summit meeting held in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam in 2019. “Is it?”, The British BBC TV reported. In the BBC’s documentary series “Trump Takes on the World,” Matt Pottinger, senior director of the National Security Council’s Asia under the Trump administration, said it was revealed. Despite the fact that the summit did not reach an agreement and ended in a farewell, Mr. Trump reportedly made a mysterious offer to deliver it on a presidential plane on his way home.

According to Pottinger, Trump knows that Kim Jong Un has traveled from North Korea to Hanoi by train over China for several days, saying, “If you wish, you can get it home in two hours. He said he declined the offer. The White House Chief of Staff, who was present, also revealed that he was surprised at the statement. The show also interviewed John Bolton, who was a talked-about presidential aide who published Trump’s revealing book at the meeting, and Trump said Kim Jong Un was his new best friend. The Sunday Times reported that they felt that they had a very dangerous perception that the US-North Korea relationship was wonderful because they were friends.

Mr. Trump accused Kim Jong Un of repeatedly launching short-range ballistic missiles in 2017 as a “small rocket man,” but at the first meeting in Singapore the following year, he was the strongest proof of friendship on the planet. He was showing the inside of the presidential car Beast, which is said to be. (Los Angeles = Kanako Chitose)