Several rockets crashed into residential areas around the embassy.

A series of missiles were fired on Monday at the Green Zone in Baghdad, where, in addition to Iraqi government and other buildings, the U.S. embassy is located, Iraqi security chiefs told AFP.

In a week, this was the third attack on Western interests in Iraq. At least two missiles crashed into the Green Zone, Iraqi security officials said in a statement.

A security chief who asked for his name to be withheld said at least one rocket hit the National Security Office building near the U.S. embassy.

Several other rockets crashed into residential areas around the highly secured complex, with a parking lot hit in Haritiya.

On February 15, a missile attack hit a military base near Erbil Airport, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan Autonomous Region, where foreign troops from a U.S.-led alliance fighting the Islamic State’s terrorist organization are stationed. In the attack, a civilian entrepreneur working for the alliance was killed and nine others were injured.

Several rocket attacks were also carried out northwest of Erbil, where residential areas were also hit. Five civilians were injured here, one of whom died on Monday.

These were the first attacks on Western military and diplomatic facilities in two months. Last year, dozens of attacks attributed to Iran-friendly groups were carried out.

On Saturday, rockets fired at Balad air base north of Baghdad, where Iraqi Air Force F-16 fighter jets are stored, injured at least one Iraqi employee of an American aircraft maintenance company.

The attack on Erbil was undertaken by a relatively unknown organization, Aulíjaa ed-Dam (Guardians of Blood). The organization said in a statement posted on the Internet that it was preparing for further attacks on U.S. forces stationed in Iraq.

Several Western countries have condemned the attacks and warned that attacks on the alliance will not be tolerated. The UN has warned that stability in Iraq could weaken again.

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Missile attack hits US base in Iraq, assassination dead

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The attacking group claims the assassination was due to the occupation of the United States.

More than 340 death sentences are carried out in Iraq


Most of them are terrorism charges from the time of the Islamic State.