Her mother survived the fire, learning in the hospital that her relatives had died. Her husband had died of a coronavirus infection weeks earlier.

Three children and their grandmother died in a fire last week in Sugar Land, Texas, after heating the apartment by lighting a fireplace during a price drop.

A CNN she writes that her mother, Jackie Pham Nguyen, spent last Monday night with her three children, 11-year-old Olivia, 8-year-old Edison, 5-year-old Colette, and their grandmother when the electricity went out. The family lit the fireplace and started playing board games, they lay down around half past nine in the evening. The apartment then caught fire, but it has not yet been confirmed whether the fireplace actually caused the house fire.

According to the portal, the mother was still trying to get upstairs to her children, but the outgoing firefighters brought her out of the house. At the hospital, he learned that his three children and his mother had fallen victim to the fire.

Since the incident, the GoFundMe site has already raised $ 303,510 in donations for the woman, who said she will donate the amount to an organization or a foundation.

A People he writes that the family had lost a father weeks earlier who died of a coronavirus infection.

Last week, the cold front hit the southern United States, minus 25 degrees Celsius on the coldest days. Due to the extreme cold, airport traffic has been shut down in Austin, public transportation and utilities are stalled, and tens of thousands of households have been without electricity ever since. In a reserve, monkeys and birds were also frozen to death due to a power outage.

Joe Biden declared Texas a disaster area.

Due to the emergency, the state utility inspectorate has temporarily banned energy suppliers from sending energy bills to households or turning off their energy supply due to a fee debt.

The sentencing period has so far claimed 76 victims.

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