Perseverance sent more than 30GB of data and about 23,000 recordings home of the Martian landing. These were unveiled by NASA on Monday night.

NASA was a huge success after a successful landing on the surface of Mars on 18 February called Perseverance. The landing of the structure would have been a very serious achievement in itself, but all this is further enhanced by the fact that the maneuver was performed in self-driving mode.

The landing was therefore referred to by NASA as only 7 minutes of dread, as ground control could only learn from beeps whether the operation was successful. The professionals were then unable to intervene in the process due to the long distance, but they made sure to see later what exactly happened. A video of this was released by the organization on Monday night.

Experts placed quite a few cameras on the Martian’s landing gear.

After landing, Perseverance sent more than 30GB of data to Earth, representing about 23,000 recordings. In the summary video of the landing, you can clearly see what all happened during the operation.

As the researchers noted, it is a huge thing that we were able to see a video of the event. For quite a few decades ago, when the first image arrived on Earth from Mars, it still had to be colored by engineers from millimeter to millimeter, using a predefined coding.

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