A series of decisions were made on Monday, none of which the former US president can be happy about. Among other things, they authorized the issuance of Donald Trump’s tax refund documents and also dismissed the remaining appeal in connection with the presidential election.

Biden won, Trump still struggling – US presidential election in 2020

On November 3, a presidential election was held in the United States. The competition between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden was very tight in several states, so it only turned out on November 7 that Joe Biden would be the 46th president of the United States. Follow the developments and possible consequences of the protracted presidential election on hvg.hu.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday authorized the release of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax returns and refunds and other financial documents. The panel rejected a request from Trump’s legal team to suspend a lower court ruling in October ordering long-serving former accountant Mazars USA accounting firm to make these documents available to Manhattan Democratic prosecutor Cyrus Vance.

The work continues

– welcomed the decision by Vance in his statement. He previously stated that in the event of a favorable judgment, he would request the release of these documents without delay. The prosecutor has been trying to obtain the documents since 2019, retroactively for eight years.

The Supreme Court, which also serves as the Constitutional Court and currently has a 6: 3 conservative majority, had already ruled on the case last July, rejecting Trump’s argument that, as President-in-Office, he is exempt from criminal investigations. Although in the United States, the current president is not required by law to disclose his tax returns and finances, as has been the custom since the 1970s, all presidents have done so. Donald Trump has been the only exception ever since. Incidentally, several proceedings are pending against Trump in connection with his personal and business activities in the United States.

Also on Monday, the Supreme Court decided to proceed with a 2019 government decree under which federal funding was withdrawn from all health clinics and institutions that allowed women to have an abortion.

Similarly, the panel will examine the legality of one of the immigration regulations passed by Trump, which would deny a green card, i.e. a permanent residence permit, on the grounds that an immigrant may need social assistance.

In addition, eight remaining Republican appeals against alleged election fraud were formally denied.

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