Saturday, February 27, 2021

UK to begin lifting restrictions related to COVID-19 pandemic from 8 March

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a four-step plan to lift the restrictions imposed in the country by the entire country in order to combat the coronavirus COVID-19. The country has been in quarantine since the end of December.

“A bad year will give way to spring, and summer will be completely different and incomparably better,” said Mr. Johnson during the presentation of the plan in parliament (quoted by the BBC).

The first phase will begin on March 8 and will include the opening of schools and the opportunity to meet on the street in pairs. From March 29, it will be possible to gather outside the home for a group of up to six people, as well as play sports in the fresh air.

The second phase will begin on April 12, during which shops, hairdressers, zoos and parks will open. The third phase will begin on May 17, which will remove most of the restrictions on social contacts.

In case of a noticeable improvement in the epidemiological situation, it is planned to proceed to the fourth stage on June 21. The last restrictions will be removed on it. International traffic is scheduled to open no earlier than May 17.

In the UK, more than 4.1 million people have been infected with the coronavirus and more than 120 thousand deaths from it. The country ranks fifth in the world both in the number of cases of COVID-19 infection and in the number of deaths associated with it. Since March 2020, the UK has been quarantined three times. In January 2021, the country began mass vaccination against COVID-19. By the end of February, more than 15 million Britons (2.2% of the population) had been vaccinated.

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