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[Surprised by the case]Trump spreads his public speech to 15 countries to rectify Facebook | Myanmar | Persecution | CPAC

[Epoch Times February 22, 2021]Hello, everyone, and welcome to “News Story Surprise”. I’m Daewoo.

Today’s topic: Xi Jinping wants to concurrently serve as prime minister? The situation of Fang Bin’s wife is worrying! Burmese suppressed soldiers speaking Mandarin, and shot at least 7 people killed by “bombing”; Trump will give a public speech to criticize Biden; United Airlines High Altitude Horror; Hebei police perverted “Devil’s House”; Musk led four thousand people to research virus antibodies…

[Myanmar may face a split army “explosive” shooting soldiers speak Chinese clearly]

Today, I saw a Twitter netizen who turned up an old Weibo post. This is the official Weibo of the Youth League Committee of the Law School of Anhui University of Finance and Economics. It was posted on May 4 of a certain year, and it read: 1919 After the May Fourth Movement, there were no more youths in China. He paid tribute to the May Fourth Movement, and immediately afterwards, his pen changed astonishingly and wrote “Salute to June Fourth!” Salute to those young people who dare to trade their lives for freedom, equality, and the rule of law.

I looked it up later. This should be an event on May 4, 2018. It had a significant impact at the time and attracted the attention of overseas Chinese media. Later, the editor of the Youth League Committee immediately followed a post to apologize, saying it was a “miswriting.” However, the editor may be politically insensitive. The name “June 4th” was mentioned twice in the apology, and the description became more and more dark. As a result, not only two consecutive posts were deleted, but his account was also directly deleted by the CCP-controlled Weibo.

Although this post is old news, it was mentioned by netizens on February 21. It is of practical significance, because in the immediate neighbor of the Chinese Communist Party in Myanmar, an incident similar to June 4th happened again. I think everyone has already Know the local misery.

On Saturday, February 20, in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city, thousands of protesters held a demonstration at a local shipyard and were brutally suppressed. After 4 pm that day, the military supported by the CCP was confirmed to fire live ammunition against civilians protesting the coup. At that time, someone filmed the rumble of gunfire in a hidden place, and the photographer himself kept choking and was shocked by the sight in front of him. The action of the soldiers moving forward while shooting is very similar to the scenes that took place in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

The shooting had tragic consequences. A young man was hit on the head by a bullet on the spot, causing his skull to shatter. The fragments were all blown away, leaving only a bright red area, and died on the spot. Another man, the current news is that he was shot in the ribs and died after being sent to hospital for rescue. Some media reports questioned that the live ammunition used by the Burmese military was commonly known as “explosive bullets.” Like the bullets used by the Communist Army to suppress students during the June 4th incident, this type of bullet would explode after being shot into the body and was extremely lethal.

In Yangon, Myanmar, this weekend, the military and police also fired live ammunition to suppress the incident, resulting in the headshot death of young people.

Hong Kong protester Luo Guancong posted on his personal Twitter pictures of 1989 June 4th students riding tricycles to rescue the wounded, and now Myanmar people pushing and pulling rickshaws to rescue the gunned compatriots.

The military not only used live ammunition to suppress the protesters, but people also found that some soldiers used rubber bullets, slingshots, and iron nails to target the protesters. There were also accusations by locals that the soldiers also fired at the ambulance. There are pictures showing traces of bullets on the ambulance.

In addition, a large number of young Burmese protesters have also been arrested. The total number of arrests is estimated to be several hundred.

Faced with the bloody suppression, the Burmese continued to protest. On February 21, after the serious shooting incident, a large number of people in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, still marched arm in arm in protest.

Time has passed for nearly 32 years, and the victims have changed, but the perpetrators of that year are suspected of participating in the suppression of the Burmese people. The military’s suppression in Mandalay continued until nightfall. Gunshots still sounded from time to time in the area. The live footage released by Radio Free Asia could be clearly heard. Some soldiers participating in the suppression in the local area spoke in standard Mandarin Chinese. Shouting the password.

Obviously, the Chinese military did directly participate in the suppression of the Burmese people. As for the death toll from the shooting that day, a Burmese audience wrote to me that the news he has is not just the two dead as reported by foreign media. The news he has is that at least 7 people have died! 17 people were seriously injured and 35 people were slightly injured. And this is probably by no means the final figure.

At the same time, he also mentioned the local shooting of Chinese-speaking soldiers, which has been “refuted” by the Myanmar National Television Station, which is now controlled by the military. He said that in Myanmar, there is now a fact that, no matter what, just watch Seeing whether their national TV station has come out to refute the rumors, you will know whether they are true or not. If they do not refute the rumors, they may be false. Once they refute the rumors, you can be sure that they are 100% true.

The Myanmar viewer who signed RS also expressed a concern when he wrote to me that the internal situation in Myanmar is now quite unstable, and the possibility of two governments appearing in the future, such as Eastern Myanmar, Western Myanmar, Southern Myanmar, and Northern Myanmar is not ruled out. Myanmar or something. If this possibility really exists, if the other government is not launched by the people, but is promoted by some other force in Myanmar, it means that the CCP and the Myanmar military are playing together to make it easier to control. Myanmar, to check and balance its domestic power, secretly promotes the division of Myanmar. Currently this is just an analysis.

The Burmese people already know the CCP’s role in this national catastrophe, so many people have also marched to the China-Myanmar border in recent days. Some people threw glass bottles and other items on the Chinese side. The CCP’s border police responded by throwing bricks. .

[Hong Kong’s first negative population growth public security officials “pay attention” Niu Tengyu]

Xi Jinping once called the CCP “not export revolution,” but facts have proved that the CCP is using violence both internally and externally to undermine the freedom and stability that people enjoy.

The Hong Kong government itself released new population data on February 18. Last year, the population of Hong Kong fell to 7.474 million, a decrease of 0.6% from 2019. The reasons for this include: First, Hong Kong will experience a negative population growth of 6,700 people in 2020, which is called a “death cross” in which the number of deaths exceeds the number of births. Second, at least 39,800 “net emigration” populations, and this net emigration population is more than the population “net emigration” of Hong Kong due to the June 4th incident in 1990, when the net emigration population was 23,700.

“Fa Guang” quoted a columnist with the pseudonym “Gu Rong” as saying that the National Security Act, a series of large arrests, and the precarious judicial system have allowed capable Hong Kong people to send their children abroad and young partners with fertility plans. , Some people temporarily shelved the plan. Professor Ye Zhaohui of Hong Kong predicts that the number of Hong Kong citizens who leave with the British BNO passport may reach more than 300,000 in the next five years.

Many of our friends know an allusion that Emperor Shun, the wise and wise monarch in ancient China, was a commoner before he came to the throne. Wherever he lives, he will become a village, and if he stays longer, he will become a town.

And wherever the CCP’s hand reaches, there are turmoil and fleeing from home. If the CCP is not stuck in the country, including its own internal officials and restricting people from going abroad, then more people in mainland China will choose to go abroad. In fact, in mainland China, 2020 has also become the year with the lowest number of births since 1949, with only over 10 million people born, which is fewer than the number of people born during the 1961 natural famine. Some mainland media ask questions that have obvious answers. Are people unwilling to give birth or cannot give birth?

Do you still have to ask? The CCP’s family planning has never allowed people to have children, and people “cannot have children.” Now that the population is small, people are allowed to have children, but the cost of raising children is so high that people “do not want to have children.” Who can afford the financial burden of having more children? This is also a disguised punishment for the Chinese Communist Party’s tyranny. It’s just that the CCP can do everything. I think if the CCP uses guns to force China to have children, I think people will not be surprised, because there is nothing the CCP can’t do.

A few days ago, Niu Tengyu, a small maintainer of the “Vulgar Wiki” website, became the main criminal because he was falsely accused of disclosing information about Xi Jinping’s family. At the end of last year, a statement made by Niu Tengyu came to light. The process. His case was tried in Maoming, Guangdong, and Niu Tengyu’s statement alarmed the senior officials of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau. They sent people to the detention center where Niu Tengyu was located for investigation. As you see here, the kind people may have misunderstood that the high-level police officers in Guangdong Province are investigating torture, then you are very wrong. They sent people to understand how Niu Tengyu’s statement was revealed and asked Take care of Niu Tengyu more strictly.

[Concentration camps wantonly ravaged Xinjiang woman who returned from Japan and Uighur women died]

However, the CCP has used more methods to persecute people. Today we will give you two more examples. One is the CCP’s targeting of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. We have also told you about this before. It is based on the British BBC news, which is also reported in the US media. On February 19, the US media quoted three women who fled the Xinjiang concentration camps to reveal that it was common for the Chinese Communist police to gang-rape these women in the concentration camps. When the male police drank at night, they would brag to each other about how they raped and abused women. These male beasts were described. As “extremely cruel sadism.” The young women who entered the concentration camps are often healthy and in good physical condition, but within a few days, with the screams from the basement of the concentration camp, these people will soon become ill or even die.

A surviving woman told the media that as soon as she arrived in the concentration camp in September 2016, she saw two CCP soldiers carrying the body of a young Uyghur woman, and she was told that the woman had died of hemorrhage, but why the concentration camp did. Did not tell her. In addition, the CCP police also forced them to quote and inject unknown drugs. When someone asked why the police treated her like this, the CCP police said: You are not a human being.

Recently, a Japanese media also disclosed that a young Uyghur woman discovered that her family had lost contact while teaching in Japan, so she returned to Xinjiang to search for it, but disappeared after returning home. At the end of 2020, news confirmed that this young Uyghur woman already dead.

[Perverted torture in the “Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp” in Hebei: Devil’s House, Buried Barbecue alive]

Another example is the case of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted by the CCP police. What I want to mention here is that although the CCP has abolished the system of reeducation through labor on the surface, some labor camps still exist, and the tragic scenes of killings in labor camps will always be listed in the CCP’s crimes.

For example, the extreme crimes committed by the “Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp” in Hebei are just one example. Someone made up a jingle: There is heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below; hell on earth, Gaoyang, Hebei. This labor camp received publicity and commendation from the CCP media, and used the phrase “spring breeze and rain” to describe the police “friendly” to the detainees, but the actual situation is completely opposite. This is a typical example of the CCP’s persecution of human flesh, a microcosm of at least hundreds of tortures.

Electric tiger stools, electric batons, slings, hot water, hot cigarettes, feeding mosquitoes, pouring hot pepper water, pouring stools, plugging sanitary napkins, pressing urine to brush teeth, toothbrushes stabbing female private parts, iron nails, bamboo Sign piercing fingers, these are still light, there are more cruel, more abnormal.

Some Falun Gong experienced threats and still didn’t give up their beliefs. Some policemen took people to nearby graves at night, plugged in earphones, and the sound effects of evil ghosts’ call signs were placed in them. A few hours later, they asked if they still practiced. “Practicing” is another punch and kick. In the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp, there is also a “Devil House”, which is actually a special torture room that creates a different “atmosphere.” The walls of the house are painted with various images of devil with blue-faced fangs, as well as snakes, skeletons, etc. , When torturing a person, the sound effect of howling the devil will be played at the same time.

There is also an early case in the Gaoyang Forced Labor Camp. In April 2002, nearly 30 policemen handcuffed a female Falun Gong practitioner in an open space. They raised five bonfires next to them, and five or six policemen guarded each other, and then threatened them. Asked whether it was buried alive or burned. In the end, some people were buried alive to their chests and then shocked to the head with electric batons. Others were put on the fire and roasted their backs. The entire back was roasted with blood blisters.

In addition, the police also stuffed snakes and gecko-like things into people’s clothes. In short, the various means are too numerous to list. This is just one case of the CCP’s labor camps, detention centers, transformation classes, etc. There are many similar places. The more the persecutors work harder, the more rewards the CCP will receive.

[Fang Bin’s wife’s situation is worrisome, why the CCP’s prison has become a “five-mao nest”]

Speaking of this, I remembered one thing. According to a reliable source, for the safety of the sender, I cannot release too many details yet. In early February 2020, Fang Bin, who was arrested by the CCP for communicating the truth about the Wuhan plague to the outside world and lost contact so far, his wife is also a “prison of conscience” with the surname “Feng” and was arrested by the CCP long ago. As of 2020 In June 2008, she was still detained in the “Wuhan Women’s Prison” on Baofeng Road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan. What is certain is that as of June 2020, she still does not know how her husband was captured by the CCP. The source of living expenses is One problem. In the CCP’s prison, you have to buy your own daily necessities, which are of poor quality and expensive. I hope anyone who knows about Fang Bin’s wife and Fang Bin’s whereabouts can write to me, or give your support and attention in your way. Similarly, there is Chen Qiushi.

In the CCP’s prisons, the police will also use the prisoners who have committed crimes and wish to have their sentences reduced, other than “prisoners of conscience,” to participate in the persecution of people and even help them do some network stability work. All of us, we usually scold at fifty cents and little pink on the Internet. Some of us may be played by old prisoners who are fighting for a reduction in sentences. The mainland “NetEase” announced a news that in prisons in mainland China, prisoners who post online to guide speeches can get 3 points, and those who follow posts can get 1 point. If you save 100,000 points, you can get half a year’s sentence. That is to say, 100,000 posts are required. Then you say, these old criminals want to reduce their sentences, why are they desperately doing it? As a result, on the Internet, the CCP used these prisoners to create a lot of spam.


The CCP’s belief is “struggle.” It not only destroys people and tirelessly, but also its own internal struggle is always accompanied by the political power. This is true for everyone who comes to power. Recently, the Xi Jinping administration has given a high-profile commemoration of the former chairman of the Chinese Communist Party Hua Guofeng, and sent some signals.

After Hua Guofeng was seized by Deng Xiaoping in the early 1980s, he was unanimously low-key, and the CCP rarely promoted him, but this time, on February 20, the CCTV News Network broadcast publicly commemorating Hua Guofeng, including Mao Zedong’s grandson. “Mao Xinyu”, a person who had been silent for a long time, also appeared. Wang Huning and Han Zhengze attended the symposium commemorating the 100th anniversary of Hua Guofeng’s birth.

Wang Huning quoted Mao Zedong’s speech at the meeting, saying: Hua Guofeng “speaks the truth and is an honest person,” and further requested party cadres to “be cautious and cautious at the beginning and friends” in accordance with Xi Jinping’s request. It conveys the requirement that party members be honest under the leadership of Xi Jinping and be “loyal” to the CCP’s Mob. Even when in private, in the subtleties of life, and when interacting with others, remember that “big brother” is watching Don’t be honest with you. And Hua Guofeng’s most frequently quoted saying is “two ordinarys”, which to the effect is that all Mao’s decisions and all Mao’s instructions must be followed. Xi Jinping may want to replace the “Mao” in it with himself and become The party’s policies toward him must be strictly implemented.

But is the high-profile commemoration of Hua Guofeng just the purpose of this promotion of “loyalty”? After Mao’s death, Hua Guofeng became the supreme leader of the CCP’s political and military forces. He was also the Chairman of the CCP, the Secretary of the Military Commission, and another one was the “Premier of the State Council.” We know that Xi Jinping advocates “one respect.” In the economic policy of the CCP, he kicked off Li Keqiang, and he met with several queen economists to set a “double cycle” strategy. As the prime minister, he usually must participate. At least you have to be there, but in public reports by the state media, only Xi Jinping is the only one.

An exclusive document newly obtained by The Epoch Times also revealed that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection under the command of Xi Jinping directly issued a document to the lower level in May 2020 to instruct local governments to “return to work.” This matter should have belonged to the State Council. thing. Xi Jinping made a high-profile commemoration of Hua Guofeng, who was once the “Prime Minister”. Will he have plans to also serve as Prime Minister in the future?

[Biden’s “film company” governs the country? Trump will speak at CPAC Pence will not attend]

Regarding the cancer of the CCP in the world, the Trump administration in the United States began to attack it with all-out efforts after the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, which was quite deterrent, but after Biden seized power, this situation has also changed.

Rather than talking about the outside world, it is about whether Biden’s own leadership and even his personal physical condition can afford to lead the United States. The outside world is always worried about the United States.

The US media Gateway Pundit even issued an article on February 21 to question that Biden faced G7 national leaders on February 19 and spoke at the Munich Security Conference. It was not live, but recorded in advance. This video is Where and when was it recorded, but there is no mainstream media attention.

Since Biden took office, the mainstream left-wing media has helped Biden shape his image and promote it. For example, the well-known fashion magazine GQ, not long after Biden took office, also PS a number of photos showing Biden’s youth, such as his playing guitar, wearing shorts and casual clothes in the White House, and so on.

The mainstream media also helped Biden conceal and filter questions or accusations against him. For example, in the first week of taking office, Biden signed dozens of administrative orders, more than any former president. Can he accomplish these with his energy? The mainstream media did not explain this issue, and did not disclose which special interest groups were behind Biden’s administrative orders.

And such a leader who has been constantly boasted by the mainstream media was announced by a White House spokesperson last Friday that Biden will most likely not meet any foreign leaders publicly in recent months.

Combining the above examples, Biden, who has received full cooperation from the mainstream media, seems to be hiding behind the camera, using “film and television company” production and special effects to govern the country, and is far from a normal president.

On the contrary, although Trump stepped down for the first term, his support is overwhelming. Unlike almost all outgoing presidents in the past, they tend to be low-key most of the time after leaving office, or the people will soon forget them. But Trump’s popularity has only risen and fallen so far.

The most influential annual summit of American conservatives, referred to as CPAC, will be held in Orlando, Florida from February 25 to 28. Trump will be invited to speak. This will be the first time Trump has opened it to the public since January. Speech. According to the current news, Trump may directly criticize Biden’s administration in his speech. The most important thing is Biden’s practice of opening borders and allowing illegal immigrants to enter, and will announce that he will continue to exist as a key leader of the conservative movement. .

Trump’s speech at this CPAC may take place on Sunday, February 28. Former Secretary of State Pompeo, Senator Josh Hawley, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and other conservative flagship figures in the political and media circles will all attend the meeting.

Former Vice President Pence, who was often invited to attend before, declined the invitation to attend the CPAC meeting this year. However, according to the information disclosed by Pence’s former chief of staff Marc Short, Pence and Trump still have Over the call.

Trump’s current goal is likely to be to promote the change of the Republican Party’s face in Congress, to remove the unqualified Republican Party in 2022 and replace it with Republicans who truly promote “make America great again” to enter Congress. Look, Trump seems to have no intention of forming a new party, nor did he disclose to the outside world whether he has any plans to run for the 2024 election.

[Rumored that 15 countries plan to rectify Facebook, Poland raises sky-high prices and fines Texas snow disaster and electricity prices are amazing]

The conservatives represented by Trump are not idle, and the American left is also busy. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, one of the leftists, recently declared war on the sovereign state of Australia, in retaliation for the Australian authorities asking Facebook to pay for the content of Australian news organizations published on its platform. Facebook completely bans Australian news organizations and Any Australian who publishes news published by the Australian news industry on Facebook will at least reduce the traffic of Australian news websites by 13%.

This apparently retaliatory action against one country has caused dissatisfaction among governments in many countries around the world. As of February 20, a total of 15 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany are preparing to introduce regulations to further regulate the operation of Facebook. Among them, the Polish government is drafting a bill requiring Facebook to delete a post or delete one for political purposes, and face a fine of up to 13 million U.S. dollars. Facebook seems to have also felt the heat of the rebound from the outside world, and began to obediently negotiate with the Australian journalism industry. The previous practice of blocking Australian journalism has been somewhat restrained.

And the recent snow disaster in Texas, USA, has also received frequent attention. The good news is that starting from this weekend, the temperature in Texas will start to warm up, and the freezing disaster of the locals will be greatly relieved, and Texas is not a place where it originally snowed.

But the other bad news is that in some areas of Texas, electricity prices suddenly soared during the disaster. For example, if someone lives in a 1,300-square-foot house, a total of $1,200 will be paid in 2020, but only from February 1st this year. On the 18th, he received a bill of US$3,801, which is still a small amount. Some households received electricity bills of US$17,000 during the same period. On February 20, the Texas government announced that it had begun investigating the factors that caused the soaring electricity bills. Some Texas lawmakers also shouted that such prices were unacceptable.

[United Airlines plane caught fire in the air, Musk rate SpaceX four thousand people to study virus]

While some residents of Texas were worried about electricity bills, on February 20, a United Airlines flight from Denver, Colorado, showed terrifying images. A passenger on the plane photographed that the engine on the side of the plane caught fire in mid-air and was still operating. During this period, debris from the engine casing fell to the ground and almost hit pedestrians and houses. Fortunately, the plane carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew members finally returned to the flight and landed safely. There were no casualties in the entire incident.

In response to the epidemic that has not yet subsided, Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX in the United States, has also joined the research on the virus. Musk was diagnosed in November last year, but then recovered. This time, he and SpaceX’s top medical team have initiated a research project on virus antibodies. The main goal is to understand how many antibodies humans get after infection and how long the effective protection period of these antibodies is.

More than 4,000 SpaceX employees volunteer to participate in monthly blood tests. Musk’s research will not find a way to cure the virus, but it may play a suggestive role in how to curb the spread of the virus.

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