Battle of Polytopia is a moderately good strategy game, but since Elon Musk has been playing with it, the publisher has been getting better and better.

Billionaire techguru Elon Musk has once again proven that he can start an avalanche in just a few words. He now achieved this by answering a question about which game is his current favorite: according to a post shared on Twitter, the head of SpaceX and Tesla has recently Battle of Polytopiáit takes your time.

The strategy game has so far failed to jump to the top of the download lists, but after Musk’s words, more than 13 million have downloaded it.

A Polytopia not only available on mobile, it can also be downloaded to PC. For the latter, it can be obtained from the Steam store. Among the reviews you read here, several even mention that it was specifically because of Musk’s words that they decided to download it, and they didn’t regret it at all, because the program is really fun.

Musk last achieved a similar thing with the Signal app, and still did the same: he posted a few words on Twitter, and the crowd immediately jumped on the program. So much so that his messaging organs became unavailable for a short time because they couldn’t stand the onslaught of newcomers. For Polytopia, this has not happened yet.

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