Internet users watching NASA’s live video will witness exciting moments Monday night. The subject, of course, is Mars and Perseverance.

New video and photos of Mars will also be shown by NASA in a live video that will launch Monday, today, on the space agency’s YouTube channel. The recording will be broadcast from 8 pm Hungarian time. (If you have a Google Account, you can set a reminder for yourself.)

Speaking of the event, the Perseverance Mars passer-by has recently landed successfully on the surface of the planet. Although the robot has not yet left the Jezero Crater, it has been continuously collecting data ever since, which of course is also given to ground control. These will be presented at the screening that begins tonight.

Perseverance arrived on Mars after a journey of about seven months, where he is expected to spend a year (687 in earth days). The expedition will also collect samples from the space office’s most expensive and advanced tool to date.

Perseverance has already sent home some shots after the landing, including color ones.

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