The manufacturer really put everything into SAIC Maxus, let alone pay.

Most of the caravans can be expanded sideways, but the Chinese Maxus has now twisted one thing and come up with a quite interesting vehicle: they can expand upwards in their novelty, gaining even more free space.

The special motorhome is called the SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition and is really equipped with everything: washing machine, air conditioning, faucet, stove to name a few.

However, the really interesting things only follow, more precisely when the owner goes up to the second level: here, according to the manufacturer, a bar, reading room or tea room can also be furnished, depending on what one feels like. The latter area is 12.3 m2, while the ordinary living space is nearly 20.

The upper level, which can otherwise be reached by a small elevator, is also made cozy by the many windows, and there is also mood lighting. The manufacturer has also designed a balcony above which can be reached at the front of the caravan. However, the area here is extremely narrow and no chairs or tables can be placed at all.

Maxus says the second tier of the car can be retracted at any time, so there can be no situation where the owner can’t drive in somewhere because of it.

For the time being, the car will only be available in China, with a brutal price tag: anyone who takes it home will have to put down $ 122 million.

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