Despite the blockade of Facebook, the Australian parliament is sticking to its news service bill, which will most likely be voted on Monday. The health ministry, meanwhile, said it would no longer advertise on Facebook.

Australian politicians are not impressed that Facebook has blocked the Australian side of sharing the news site as a punishment, in response to the Australian Parliament mandating the site to pay for content received from local media companies.

So at the moment, Australian Facebook users can’t read or share news on the site. However, the legislation was not broken by the blockade, and it was announced that they would continue to stick to the draft, which is already awaiting final approval. The wording of this is a Reuters is appropriate in all respects, so they will not be changed.

By the way, the draft obliges not only Facebook to pay, but also Google, as it also displays news on its site. Unlike Facebook, Google, on the other hand, is willing to compromise. According to Australian lawmakers, based on this, Facebook should also be able to accept their terms.

The consideration mentioned in the draft is not invented by politicians, but by news providers. However, if the parties fail to reach an agreement, a panel of judges may decide on the license fees.

The other part of the story is that the Australian Ministry of Health has said no ads will be posted on Facebook from Monday. The money is instead spent on other surfaces.

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