The military warned that they could even use sharp ammunition against the protesters.

A general strike began in Myanmar on Monday over a military takeover. Thousands gathered in the streets, though the army threatens protesters that their movement could cost people their lives, suggesting they could even use sharp ammunition against them.

The army forcibly took power three weeks ago, imprisoned civilian political leaders, but so far has been unable to prevent daily protests and the civil disobedience movement.

In Myanmar, dates with more than one identical figure are considered lucky: so is the 22nd of the second month of 2021, similar to the 8th of the eighth month of 1988, when they also protested against a military junta but received bloody repression. Although the army’s reaction was now – so far – milder, three protesters had already lost their lives. Two of them were shot on Saturday in Mandalay city. A police officer also died in one of the protests, the army said. The deaths did not deter the protesters, and tens of thousands marched on Sunday in Rangoon, the largest city. Many shops and restaurants were not open in the morning for Monday’s general strike call.

Since early February, a number of foreign countries have protested the military takeover, which the Myanmar Foreign Ministry has taken and is taking as an interference in the country’s internal affairs. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrote on Twitter on Sunday that the United States will take another decisive step against a military leadership that violently suppresses the coup’s opponents.



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