Australian Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack is puzzled by the reaction of supporters.

The Australian government has severely criticized fans who began whistling loudly at the Australian Open awards ceremony when it came to the vaccine program just starting in Australia as a “sign of optimism”. Although the Australian Open was held, the tennis players had to be in strict quarantine before the competition and only a limited number of spectators were admitted, so it was understandable that vaccination was possible. However, several of the fans responded with a whistle.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack called the reaction of the fans “distasteful”. “I don’t like whistling at any event, especially not a sporting event. This vaccine will bring the country back to some kind of pre-Covid normality, ”he told reporters on Monday.

Sunday’s final was won by Novak Djokovic, defeating Russian Danyiil Medvedev in three sets. Djokovic has been criticized in the past for not taking the epidemic-related restrictions and measures seriously enough. A Serbian tennis player has previously spoken out against opposition to the introduction of the vaccine. Incidentally, Djokovic himself became infected with the coronavirus, and several people were caught in the tennis tournament he organized last summer.

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Nelbourne champion Novak Djokovic became ninth


The Serbian set the world’s first record by beating Russian Danyiil Medvedev in three sets in the final.

Djokovic became infected with a coronavirus

Participants in the Adria Tour tennis tournament report that they have become infected.