According to the president of the Independent Health Trade Union, some professionals are considering leaving public health sooner or later.

According to a survey by the Hungarian Chamber of Health Care Professionals, 15 percent of nurses were missing in rural hospitals and 20-30 percent in metropolitan institutions before the epidemic – the number could increase significantly as many health professionals choose not to sign. their new employment contract. From March 1, their current civil servant status will end, and will be replaced by a health service legal relationship – we wrote more about this in this article.

RTL For news However, according to Adrianna Soós, president of the Independent Health Trade Union, many have still not seen exactly what kind of contract they should sign. According to him, almost half of the professionals are considering leaving public health sooner or later. 20 percent of the respondents said that they would not stay in Hungarian health care, and another 25 percent that they did not want to be covered by the new legislation.

A For news he also received a document stating that the National Hospital DG even sent a letter to the institutions on Friday about what the new employment contract should include.

Under the new rules, it will only be possible to take a second job with a permit in the future, in return for which doctors will receive a significant salary increase. The same legislation has made it a criminal offense to accept gratitude money as early as January. According to Adrianna Soós, there is a hospital where workers have been threatened to sign a new employment contract.

According to the Hungarian Medical Union, the new contract is also a source of tension, and not only because they can only get to know it in the last days. Emmi replied to the Newsletter that there was no reason to postpone the introduction of the new legal relationship, saying that a wide range of stakeholders would accept the new terms.

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